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What is isomalt?

  • Isomalt is a good substitute for sugar that is obtained from natural sugar extracted from sugar beet. It has flavor, sweetness and sugar-like properties in terms of food applications.
  • Isomalt sweetening power is almost equivalent to sugar.
  • Isomalt has a pure sweet taste similar to that of sugar without any secondary taste.
  • Due to its stable structural bond, isomalt is hardly decomposed and cannot be absorbed in the small intestine and is often fermented in the large intestine. As a result, it has beneficial effects on the intestinal and visceral activity.
  • The isomalt calorie content is half the calories of sugar.
  • Tooth decay (corrosion) is a result of the acid effect on tooth enamel. Microorganisms that stick to the surface of the teeth can easily convert carbohydrates such as glucose or starch into corrosion acids through fermentation. These microorganisms are unable to convert isomalt.
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