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BISCO THIN is a concentrated and Pure powder that simultaneously has emulsifying and improving effects in the product. Besides, it can increase the volume and shelf life of the finished products.


CHOCO THIN CHOCO THIN is an emulsifier-based substance that prevents the migration of coca butter to the texture of the products. As a result, it makes the injectable chocolate soft and smooth during the storage of the products.


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Powdered sorbitol

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SUN THIN SUN THIN is a unique powder based on sucralose, which has a taste and sweetness alike to sugar. It is a suitable substitute to lessen or eliminate sugar or increase the sweetness of numerous industrial products.

Super Thin

Super Thin is applied as a sugar substitute for a variety of confectionery products to manufacture dietary foods. Same as sugar functions, it guarantees products with superior volume, texture, crust, and sugar-like sweetness.

Super Thin Plus

SUPERTHIN PLUS This powder is used as a sugar substitute for wide variety of industrial products. Same as sugar effects, its assurance products with volume, texture and creating a taste and sweetness similar to sugar.

Thin Thin

Thin Thin improver powder

Consumptions: Thin Thin is a concentrated and pure powder which produces emulsifier and improving effects in the product.  This way, two desired results would be appeared; the former is that the quality increase. The latter is economic efficiency regarding to the reduction of oil consumption.


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