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Padideh Shirin Pars Company has been established with the aim of providing health-oriented foodstuffs. This company is currently one of the most brilliant companies in the field of manufacturing superior quality particular raw materials for the cake, confectionery, chocolate, dairy, and beverage industries. The pivotal emphasis of Padideh Shirin products is sugar substitutes, sweeteners and improver powders. Cooperation with reputable European companies has enabled Padideh Shirin Pars Group to use widespread products to broad their diverse product portfolio and benefit from each other’s technical knowledge. The ultimate goal of this company is always to offer the most efficient and high-quality products to its customers. Having a long-term experience and extensive know-how in this industry along with the use of cutting-edge technologies as well as careful choice of the best raw materials have been among the reasons for success in this regard. Supplementary to this, offering practical products, constant and close relationship with consumers as well as professional technical supports are fundamental pillars of the company’s activities. We believe that in the short run, people will pay more attention to the quality, calorie reduction and health of the food, hence, we are committed to providing products that are a combination of health and flavor.